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Fountain Pro WT65LV Replacement RWT65LV


Fountain Pro WT65LV Replacement RWT65LV Submersible Fountain Pump. Pump is installed in many pet fountains and tabletop indoor fountains. Low volt makes them ideal for pet fountains eliminating any electrical danger. Adjustable flow control, compact size 1-7/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 1-1/8″ fits in most tight spots. Ships with two adapters for 1/2″ or 7/16″ ID tubing. A detachable 6 ft power jack cord make it easy to install. The front grill keeps out debris but if it happens to get dirty it can be easily removed for cleaning. This unit puts out a whopping 66 gph @ 0″(circulation only), 55 gph @ 7.8″, 34 gph @ 15.7″ and 10 gph @ 20″ vertical lift.  Ubiquitous in the USA used indoors for the major Fountain Pet manufactures like Drink Well and PetMate. Copyright [10.25.15] by Wholesalepumps.

Weight 1 lbs