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Can’t find your pump? Send us your pictures and we will identify it and recommend a suitable replacement. Send picture with the pump tag that list’s the electrical information and if not available send picture of pump with dimensions and any lights attached to pump. We can also help answer pump questions like.

What size pump do I need for pond? How big should my pond pump be? A good rule of thumb is to circulate water at least once per hour. Pond volume formula: Width x length x depth x 7.48. doesn’t need to be exact.

Do I need a pump for a small pond? In order to maintain some sort of cleanliness water must be circulated in order to inject oxygen. Algae still grows but not as fast and as stagnant pond.

how many feet can a pond pump pull water? When a Pump is placed at or below water level only the friction in the pipe comes into play. Only self priming pumps can be placed above water and the height above water and the friction of the pipe comes into play and must be accounted for.

How do I know what size pump I need for my fountain? For a medium flow( depends on expectation) 100 GPH per one inch diameter of fountain outlet at the fountain height. Example : 100gph pump @ 3ft with a shutoff of 3.5ft will not work because it will only give you about 50 gph at 3 ft. but a 300 gph pump can give you 100 gallons at 3 ft. We list the shutoff ( max lift of the pump as a guide) usually a 300 gph pump shutoff is about 6.5 foot so you count on 4.5 ft as a max fountain height. Always choose pump with higher shutoff than your fountain. 2-3 foot at least. If the pump has to much flow at outlet you can turn it down but if you undersize your stuck.

Electrical? 12 volt pumps use a transformer to step down 115Vac to 12Vac . The power still remains AC 60hz but is pet safe. All pumps that do not use an AC transformer and connect directly to outlet are rated for 115v (same as 110v and 120v) and are all rated for 60hz in the USA.

Clear or cloudy water? chemicals such as chlorine will destroy algae growth and clear water but it also damages pumps. Used sparingly in can work. Pool Tablets are to powerful for most pumps. Algaecide is a better but more expensive choice. Injecting air (oxygen) achieved with natural water circulation also helps keep down algae growth.