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    Skyish TP-200L Replacement RTP-200L10W Pump With 10Watt Light


    Skyish TP-200L replacement RTP-200L10W Powerful compact indoor mini-pump with 10 watt tube (finger) light and transformer.  Uses 7/16″ or 1/2″ ID clear tubing and built-in flow adjuster with unlimited settings. The light has a replaceable halogen bulb and glass cover. The pump can produce a flow of 66 gph @ 6″, 60 gph @ 12″ and 45 gph @ 18″  Maximum lift 25.50″.  Energy use is negligible at only 3 watts for the pump and 10 watts for the light. By Wholesalepumps your Skyish tabletop fountain pump replacement specialists. RAMM Water Pumps Copyright [10.25.15] by Wholesalepumps.com. Warr 90 days

    Weight 2 lbs