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    PetMate TP-200LV Replace With R-TP-200LV Pet & Tabletop Fountain Pump 70 gph


    Petmate TP-200LV Replacement R-TP-200LV 70 gph 3 Watt Pet And Tabletop Fountain Pump . Low voltage submersible pump with low voltage 12 v ac  transformer. Safe for your favorite pet. Low maintenance , only requires cleaning and rinsing. Polished pump shaft for smooth operation. Contains no seals and no oils this means less maintenance for you. Physical size of pump is 1″ x 2″ x 1.5″. Use tubing size 7/16 or 1/2″ ID common OEM sizes.  Flow control with unlimited settings ships as either a slider or dial but this does not effect the performance . Maximum lift 25.59″(65 CM) and Maximum Flow 65 GPH (250 LPH) , perfect for indoor fountains 18″ or less vertical lift. Does not match Petmate “Fresh Flow II” fountain.  PetMate replacement pumps by All Pond Waterfall Pumps .  Copyright [10.25.15] by Wholesalepumps.com.

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