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    HAILEA HX2500 pump replace RHP-2500-4.5


    HAILEA HX2500 pump replace RHP-2500-4.5 submersible water pump, with a fixed flow rate of 170gph that can be used for small and medium hydroponic systems or aquariums for the recirculation of the solution in GrowrillaHydroponics RDWC 4-6-8 systems.  Stainless steel shaft for both fresh and salt water with suction cups. Venturi connection with silicone tube for oxygenating solution.  RAMM Pumps. Copyright [10.25.20] by

    Dims. H. 3″ x W. of suction cup base 3.5″ x L. w~screen 4″

    Electrical : 12w, 115v

    Performance Max Flow : 170 gph

    Shutoff : 43″

    warr: 90 days

    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in