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Beckett PF357 7301910 Filter Box


Beckett PF357 7301910 Filter Box.¬†Filters water before entering pump and helps keep debris from entering pump and fountain nozzle or biological filter. Two easy-to-clean filter pads, one coarse & one fine 8″ stem with adapter for use with fountain heads. FILTER MATCHES THE FOLLOWING PUMPS:¬†Little Giant PES-380-PW, PE-1F-PW, PE-2F-PW, PE-2.5F-PW can also be used with BECKETT PUMP MODELS G210AG20, G325AG20, G535AG20. Pump protection in a compact size. Easy to clean replaceable pads. One course pad and one fine pad.
DIMENSIONS : HEIGHT 5.75″ x LENGTH 12.3″ x WIDTH 6.25″

Weight 4 lbs