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Ap2500 Jebo LifeTech Aquarium Liquid Filter


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Ap2500 Jebo LifeTech Series Aquarium water pump. This water pump is perfect for aquarium based filter needs. Equipped with an easy to install filter cone and air filter, your fish will have a safe environment with this pump on their side. Completely magnetic drive, this water pump is easy to disassemble, and safe in terms of contamination since this water pump does not require any kind of oil or chemicals to operate. RAMM Pumps. Copyright [10.25.15] by

Height- 4 Inches
Width- 3 Inches
Length-4 1/4 Inches

AC 120V 60HZ 29W/32W

Maximum pumping height:
6 Feet (2 Meters)

Maximum gallons per hour:
528 Gallons (2000 Liters)

90 day warranty.