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    2E-NYS 115v 300 gph


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    Little Giant 2E-NYS 502020 115 volt, 1/40 hp is the largest of the parts washer pumps. Coming in at max flow of 300 gph and a max lift of 11.8 ft making it the most powerful in it’s field. Ships with a 6 ft power cord with bare leads and 1/2″ conduit fitting. Permanently lubricated, thermally protected and aluminum housed squirrel cage motor ships with Fluoroelastomer shaft seal. For added protection against metal debris pump is fitted with a removable Nylon screen and impeller with hooded inlet for lower liquid suction. Discharge for 1/4″ male threads which accepts 1/2″ id tubing. High quality parts washer pump designs by Little Giant, copied but never equaled. By your parts washer pump experts . Copyright [10.25.15] Wholesalepumps.com
    For pumping unheated metal parts cleaning solvent which is UL classified as PJQU
    DIMENSIONS: 1/2″ MNPT conduit fitting, 1/4″ MNPT discharge
    ELECTRICAL : AMPS 1.7, HP 1/40 , VOLTS 115  
    A) 300 GPH @ 1 FT
    B) 255 GPH @ 3 FT
    C) 205 GPH @ 5 FT
    D) 70 GPH @ 9 FT
    SHUTOFF 11.8 FT
    Cat: 502020LGP

    Weight 6 lbs